About us

fruitkit is a brand new service to give Finns access to the freshest, tastiest fruit, year-round for a flat fee.

Life in Finland can be expensive. Long, dark winters mean that high-quality, fresh and tasty fruit is hard to find. Online stores charge high premiums for delivering the same below-average quality.

fruitkit knows this. That is why we have partnered with farmers and importers, to bring the best fruit in Finland to your door, for a flat fee. We are obsessive about customer satisfaction - try us and you will taste the difference.

We want fruitkit to be a 'rock-your-world-yes-really' fruit delivery service. Our objective is not to 'go with the flow', or 'get with the program' - It is to create delightful and much needed services around great food in the Nordics.

Society needs services that are willing to challenge the status quo to the benefit of consumers. The current players have had their chance. It's time to design services for the future.

We invite you to create that future with us.